Need to Know Words and Phrases

If you’re going to talk Disney, then you have to know the lingo. This here is your cheat-sheet and go-to guide for understanding what in the world all of these Disney fanatics are yammering on about (including myself). Not only will it be helpful for you, but for me as well- now I won’t have … [Read more…]

A Typical Night at the TTC

~Warning: Long Post Ahead!~ The TTC: my home and occasionally my own personal Hell (just kidding). For those of you who don’t know, TTC stands for Ticket and Transportation Center and it’s pretty much the first thing anyone sees when they arrive at Disney World, assuming that you drove your car of course. It’s composed … [Read more…]


Nearly two months ago (it does seem longer than that) I found out that I would not be returning to Disney as part of the Spring College Program and it left a hole in my life that I couldn’t explain nor fill. I had been floating through the months since returning home, holding onto the … [Read more…]

To Harbor Hope…

It’s a good thing, to be sure. To find the silver lining, the bright side. But today, I’m not sure holding on to hope did me any good. I’m at a loss for words, and I feel kind of foolish. My heart was so set on this thing working out, I barely considered that it … [Read more…]

Top Five Guest Moments!

When you think of the Happiest Place on Earth, your first thought probably doesn’t land on the parking lot, and to be honest- mine doesn’t either. I spent six months driving trams, directing traffic, and parking cars. Real magical, right? As long as we’re being honest, I’ll admit that I pretty much hated the parking … [Read more…]

My Great Disney Adventure!

So my Disney program ended three months ago today, and I think it’s time that I write about it, if not to make sure none of it disappears in light of whatever the next few months bring to me. So here we go, a full, detailed(kind of) recap of my six months working for Walt … [Read more…]

Check-In Day!

If I could choose, I probably would have made this morning run a little bit smoother, but all in all, I’m still here. Last night I stayed at the Pop Century resort and I’m pretty certain that the young woman who checked me in sent me on a wild goose chase. I walked for probably … [Read more…]

The Start….

For whatever reason, I always feel the need to write some kind of introductory post when I start a new blog. Something for the reader so they can think, “oh, okay, I get it now!” Okay, fine. I’m ridiculously cheesy, I think I’m fully aware of that by now. Anyway, here ya go, In an … [Read more…]

Effie Does Disney

At 1:35 p.m. today, my flight left from the Des Moines International Airport headed for Charlotte, NC. Once there, I will be a hop, skip, and a jump to Orlando where I will be spending my next 6 months working for Disney World. I have never been more than 40 miles from home for any … [Read more…]