Throw Some Bacon On It!

Britt, My soul sista!! No really, I feel so akin to you and I am so very thankful to have met you. From day one, you were on fire and you inspired me to be as well. You knew what you wanted from your life and you went after it. I still hold on to … [Read more…]

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Jenn, I’m so sad that we only got a month to know one another. You were funny and silly and you fit into our group so well. Goofing around in the parking lot and listening to your spiel was always so much fun. I will never forget serenading one another on the tram and jamming … [Read more…]

2 Phones

Kevin, You intimidated the hell out of me when I first met you, and it took me a while not to be extremely nervous when I was on your tram. You took your role as the protector of the group very seriously, and I always admired that about you. I can’t imagine how annoying it … [Read more…]

Say No To This

Rachel, I’m gonna be super honest with you because I love you so much- you drove me nuts when I first met you. You were so vulgar and outrageous that I was really intimidated by you, I couldn’t quite figure out if you were just rude or didn’t care about anything, but you made me … [Read more…]


Mac, Maybe you’ll have to go look up the lyrics to this one, because I can’t really post them here. You’ll know immediately why this one is for you though, promise! I’m always going to remember that extremely awkward moment when Tim sat me down at your table while you were on break and asked … [Read more…]


Chantal, my love! “All my friends are glorious, tonight we are victorious!” You will always hold a very special place in my heart. When you helped me carry my costumes across the parking lot and sat with me on the bus, you made my miserable day 100x better. You were so kind and so willing … [Read more…]

My T-Shirt

Tater!! My first real friend, and the best roommate ever. I’m so glad that we were placed in 3404 together, my program would have not been the same without you. Our late night runs to Taco Bell and Publix for Buffalo Dip. Our trips to the beach and to EPCOT. Jamming out to country music … [Read more…]

Effie’s First Wishes

When I began my Disney Program, I had hopes and dreams of blogging weekly and taking hundreds of pictures and creating this live journal of my experience. In typical “me” fashion, that soon became a handful of half-started posts which then dwindled to radio silence well into the months after I returned home. *insert shruggie … [Read more…]

How Far I’ll Go

I am a girl who loves her island, and the girl who loves the sea…it calls me! I recently saw Moana in theaters (yes, yes, I know it’s been out since Thanksgiving. Whatever) and I pretty much cried the entire time. Now, as of late, I’ve been pretty emotional about just about everything, but this … [Read more…]