Adventures (Pt.2)- Coast to Coast

Some day, I want to make a massive road trip across the country, coast to coast. Hit some major tourist tops, see places I’ve always wanted to see and stand in the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It will happen some day, but for now I have one slightly smaller shore to shore … [Read more…]

Advice (pt. 2)- What to Bring

As the days are drawing shorter for the first wave of participants to arrive (May 15th, represent!), I thought it would be nice to have a post focusing on what you should bring with you when you move to Disney for six months. Below you will find a list of things I found handy, things … [Read more…]

Work Stories (Pt. 3)- 4th of July

While I was on my program I worked through several holidays: Valentine’s Day, over Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day (I somehow had Mother’s day off), and the Fourth of July were all included. While all of these holidays were busy and offered their own kind of crazy, I have never seen anything … [Read more…]

Advice (Pt. 1)- Parking Do’s and Don’ts

  As a former parking lot Cast Member, I feel it is my duty to remind everyone of some very important tips and tricks while navigating our lot. This is for your safety and our sanity. What follows is an all-inclusive Do’s and Don’ts list. DON’T: Argue with the Cast Member! I’m just doing my … [Read more…]

Adventures (Pt. 1) Learning to Surf

While I had a lot of fun within the “Disney bubble,” I also went on a few adventures around Orlando and the state of Florida. This is one of those experiences, and one I will always hold dear. I’m not sure when the desire started, I can’t pinpoint the day, but at some point in … [Read more…]

CP Memories (Pt.2)- Day Shift vs. Night Shift

As CPs in the parking lot, we were mainly scheduled on the night shift. The majority of our initial training took place in the morning, and occasionally we would be scheduled for a day shift (something I always dreaded), but they were few and far between. Ask anyone from parking, and you’ll find that there … [Read more…]

CP Memories Pt.1- Secret Spot

As a participant in the college program, one of the coolest things was feeling like you were a part of something really special. You weren’t just another employee at some job, you were at Disney World and they had chosen you from thousands of potential applicants. Everything you did with fellow CPs was made extra … [Read more…]