Mama’s Broken Heart

Ash, You were such a welcome addition to the 3404 family! I remember Katie and I speculating about who would be moving in(she was really glad you weren’t French), and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better. You were so kind and funny, and you fit right in with us. You filled a roommate hole … [Read more…]

Misery Buisness

Zara, Since we both worked the night shift, when you would come home at 3am shortly after me, it was always nice to see another face. Our late night shifts and our heart to hearts, the bonding over The Walking Dead, were one of the highlights of my time in 3404! Thank you for always … [Read more…]


Chony, You were the very first person I met on my program. As I sat awkwardly in the living room of 3404 not knowing which bedroom I could move into, I remember being so nervous, even worried that I was in the wrong apartment. But you came out and directed me to my room…..and that … [Read more…]


Sarah, You were such a wonderful addition to our little parking family. I remember when Gus was training you and we were all so curious about you. You have the kindest spirit I have encountered- so genuine and so sweet. I loved coming into work knowing that you would be there. You never failed to … [Read more…]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

My little Villain!! I miss you so much girl, you became my favorite bus buddy to chat with. I remember talking about your family and crazy roommates and everything in between. Your kind heart was so very genuine, and I loved getting to know you. Every time we were in the lot together, I knew … [Read more…]

Oye Como Va

Cary, I remember that we were going through training around the same time, and I recall you being so nervous about your spiel sounding like a robot. Your “I don’t care,” attitude was contagious and I always appreciated how you spoke your mind. I looked forward to our car rides home at the end of … [Read more…]

Throw Some Bacon On It!

Britt, My soul sista!! No really, I feel so akin to you and I am so very thankful to have met you. From day one, you were on fire and you inspired me to be as well. You knew what you wanted from your life and you went after it. I still hold on to … [Read more…]

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Jenn, I’m so sad that we only got a month to know one another. You were funny and silly and you fit into our group so well. Goofing around in the parking lot and listening to your spiel was always so much fun. I will never forget serenading one another on the tram and jamming … [Read more…]

2 Phones

Kevin, You intimidated the hell out of me when I first met you, and it took me a while not to be extremely nervous when I was on your tram. You took your role as the protector of the group very seriously, and I always admired that about you. I can’t imagine how annoying it … [Read more…]

Say No To This

Rachel, I’m gonna be super honest with you because I love you so much- you drove me nuts when I first met you. You were so vulgar and outrageous that I was really intimidated by you, I couldn’t quite figure out if you were just rude or didn’t care about anything, but you made me … [Read more…]