Chantal, my love!
All my friends are glorious, tonight we are victorious!”
You will always hold a very special place in my heart. When you helped me carry my costumes across the parking lot and sat with me on the bus, you made my miserable day 100x better. You were so kind and so willing to make friends with me, I was so thankful to have your friendly face there with me. I remember one of the first questions you asked me was which Disney princess I identified with most, and then you basically described my life based on my answer. Not gonna lie, you were a little overwhelming, but I loved you nevertheless!
I remember when the day in the locker room when I overheard your conversation with your mom telling her you had passed your test. I remember when you finally started driving to work, you were so proud and I was too! I loved our car rides to and from work, our deep talks about life and boys and the heart to hearts we had. Complaining about our days and you being so excited for me to have a crush at work 🙂 You were always so happy, and when you weren’t, we all felt it. Your positive attitude carried the whole group and I admire you so much for that.
You are beautiful inside and out and I can’t imagine my program without you. I hope someday we can both work for Disney again, because I know you’re going to make an amazing animator.
One of my favorite memories with you had to be in the lot when I freaked out at the alligator and you were so calm. Like “Oh, I see those all the time, what’s the big deal?” You must have thought I was crazy!

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