Maybe you’ll have to go look up the lyrics to this one, because I can’t really post them here. You’ll know immediately why this one is for you though, promise!
I’m always going to remember that extremely awkward moment when Tim sat me down at your table while you were on break and asked you to give me tips and advice. You were minding your own business and he forced the sad new girl on you. To your credit though, you were very nice and gave me some of the best advice I could have heard: don’t let the old men get to you. You saved me many tears 🙂
You were the very first CP I met outside of Traditions, and I gotta tell you I was terrified to be walking into that break room. It made me feel better to have at least one familiar face when I walked into the room on my first day of training. Your kindness is sincere and your laugh in contagious. I am so happy that you have been able to pursue your dreams and stay there, if not a little jealous. You were the balance to the spontaneity that Rachel offered, and if it hadn’t been for you I probably would have made a few poor financial decisions. Thanks for unknowingly keeping me on track!
One memory that sticks out is that time that I accidentally turned the volume off in the tram, and you had been clearing me for so long, but I didn’t know it. Whoops!!

P.S. Sure do!! 🙂

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