Say No To This

I’m gonna be super honest with you because I love you so much- you drove me nuts when I first met you. You were so vulgar and outrageous that I was really intimidated by you, I couldn’t quite figure out if you were just rude or didn’t care about anything, but you made me laugh and I was so impressed by the way you just didn’t care what anyone thought. 
When we went to Animal Kingdom and met Rafiki, and then I had to drive you to work so you could change, and then had our peace pipe adventure later that night, that was when I truly began to think of you as one of my good friends. My heart hurt so much when you left, but I knew it wasn’t the last time I would see you or talk to you.
I have been so thankful to have you in my life since we both left the program; I’m glad I have been able to be there for you and vice versa. You make me laugh and you tell it like it is. (Letters with no return address and nothing inside…) You inspire me to follow my heart and do crazy things, because sometimes it’s okay to be spontaneous.

Can’t wait to make out with you, babe! I hope you enjoy every second of your second program!

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