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As I said before, it would have been nearly impossible for me to write something for every single person at the TTC, so this post is for all of you. Everyone I had the chance to be on a tram with, everyone who listened to me complain, everyone who made me smile. You all had an impact on me, you all made an impression, and I miss you all with my whole heart.
Mandy, your sense of humor and kick-ass attitude; Justin, your obnoxious Villain’s voice and the best hugs ever; Vince, your practical life advice; David, our nightly chats about school and life; Father Tim, all of the crap you gave me about being from Iowa; Jorge, the days you spent training me; Carlos, your kindness and patience; Darwin, the many marriage proposals I received from you; Gina, your wonderful hugs; Martha, my cheer!!
Mike Henry, the way you were always willing to chat; Andy, how sweet and kind you were; Big Mike, your positive attitude; Alejandro, your sarcasm always made me laugh, also- AYEEEE; Eddie, you always put a smile on my face; Meryl, your warm smile and kindness made the few morning shifts I had to work a lot easier, Jeff Clayton, our talks about the universe gave me a new perspective on life, Tom, thank you for reminding me of my grandpa 🙂
Sean, for taking my jokes in stride. I promise I don’t want to punch you in the throat anymore! Gus, for always cracking jokes in the van, Alex, your willingness to let me complain all the time; Scubsky, for the snide comments that always made me laugh in the lot; Dennis, all of our fun jokes on the trams…JUST KIDDING! 🙂 Morgado, your “no BS” attitude. Thanks for encouraging me to come home and do the right thing.

Anyone I forgot, it wasn’t intentional. You have all been important to me, you all gave me reason to come to work, and I miss you all dearly. I will never forget the six months I spent in the lot and I won’t forget you all, you really were like a family. 

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