Paradise by the Dashboard Light

I’m so sad that we only got a month to know one another. You were funny and silly and you fit into our group so well. Goofing around in the parking lot and listening to your spiel was always so much fun.
I will never forget serenading one another on the tram and jamming out to the song. I have loved all of the snaps you’ve sent me of our song 🙂 You’re damn hilarious girl, and much like Rachel, you didn’t care what anyone else thought of you. That is a quality I admire so much, and one I am trying to copy. It looked like you had so much fun, and you know now how much of a family the people in parking become.

I hope you made the most of every moment of your program, it looked like you had so much fun, and I’m so glad we can keep in touch through the wonders of technology!
P.S. Where the Hell is Sir?!

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