My T-Shirt

My first real friend, and the best roommate ever. I’m so glad that we were placed in 3404 together, my program would have not been the same without you.
Our late night runs to Taco Bell and Publix for Buffalo Dip. Our trips to the beach and to EPCOT. Jamming out to country music while everyone else judged us. I am so blessed to have met someone like you on my program, and even more thankful that we have remained in contact since I left.
I will never forget the late night talks about boys and crabby guests and all of the other crap life threw our way. The bourbon and rum nights, hiding from other roommates in your room, even the couple of times I really needed a shoulder to lean on. Writing all of this down, I am realizing how many memories we made together and it makes me miss you even more. I can’t wait to be back and only a few miles away. I can only imagine the shenanigans we’ll get into when we live near each other.
Your sense of humor and your outlook on the world seem to match mine and I think that’s why we meshed so well. I looked up to you because you seemed to have your life together and you were always willing to bounce right back when things got tough. I have loved hearing about your work adventures and yes, even the roommate drama. Who else am I going to live vicariously through?
Thank you for being you!! And thanks for coming to get me from the airport all of those times…

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