Brown Eyed Girl


You taught me so much. You taught me about myself and about the world around me. You showed me how to think deeply and with perspectives that I hadn’t imagined before, and you taught me to be even more open minded. You taught me that I am strong and brave, things that I had heard but hadn’t previously believed about myself.

Thank you for befriending me, and for challenging me. Because of you I see my world through different lenses. I will always be grateful, always thankful, never regretful- except for any hurt I caused.

I think my favorite memory from work continues to be the afternoon after Rachel and I had been at the parks and I hopped on your tram to ride around for a bit. It was one of the first times we really talked, and I finally felt like I was cool enough to talk to the full-time employees 🙂 Though all of the times you drove past in the tram and did the little head-tilt of acknowledgement always made me smile too..

My program and my life would have been entirely different. Thank you, for everything.

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