Visitors (pt.1)- Kaylee!

While I was at Disney, I had a few visitors. It was always very exciting for me to show my friends and family where I was working and all of the things I had discovered, I felt like a super cool tour guide. The first person to make the trip down was my best friend … [Read more…]

Celebrating the Magic of My Life

The last few days have been insanely busy, otherwise I would have posted earlier. Nevertheless, here I am, and I have news. Perhaps the best news of all… You read that right, I’ve been accepted for a second program at Disney!! After the trial and error, after waiting and being (not so) patient, everything has … [Read more…]

On This Day (Belated)

So, we made it. Or…I made it. Wednesday of this week marked one year since I left for the most amazing journey of my life so far. Little did I know at the time, but this six month journey would teach me so much about who I was as a person and it would change … [Read more…]

Approaching One Year

In a little less than a week, we will officially have reached one year since I left for my program. While my heart aches just writing that sentence, and while I am a little worried about the feelings I’ll have that day, I have decided to make the best out of a bittersweet situation. I … [Read more…]

Read My Mind

As I said before, it would have been nearly impossible for me to write something for every single person at the TTC, so this post is for all of you. Everyone I had the chance to be on a tram with, everyone who listened to me complain, everyone who made me smile. You all had … [Read more…]

Brown Eyed Girl

Steve, You taught me so much. You taught me about myself and about the world around me. You showed me how to think deeply and with perspectives that I hadn’t imagined before, and you taught me to be even more open minded. You taught me that I am strong and brave, things that I had … [Read more…]

Be Easy

Nicole, You didn’t think I would leave you out, did you? You have become one of my favorite people, and I’m not just saying that because of the really great homo butt touches you’ve given me 🙂 You have such a kind heart, and I am so thankful that I have been able to get … [Read more…]

Mr. Brightside

Little Nugget!! I am still entirely shocked at how quickly we became friends. I won’t lie, I was very intimidated by you when I first started at the TTC. I think that probably comes from the fact that you worked mornings, so I didn’t see you a lot, and when I did, you didn’t really … [Read more…]

Pregnant Women Are Smug

Sweet May, While we only got to live together for about a month, you were the best addition to the 3404 family we could have hoped for! You are so funny and so insightful, and I loved your uke playing skills 🙂 I still remember one of your first nights, all of us sitting in … [Read more…]