Need to Know Words and Phrases

If you’re going to talk Disney, then you have to know the lingo. This here is your cheat-sheet and go-to guide for understanding what in the world all of these Disney fanatics are yammering on about (including myself). Not only will it be helpful for you, but for me as well- now I won’t have to define every acronym I use as I go along! Enjoy 🙂

Blue– The blue ID card that all employees receive and must carry with them at all times while on the clock; also necessary to receive discounts

Celebrate– Celebrate the Magic; the shortened title for the (now retired) laser light show that preceded the Wishes fireworks show

Clear for dispatch– What a spieler says to their driver when it is okay for the tram to move; the drive will respond with one honk for “no” or two honks for “okay/yes”

Code V- What to say over the radio when someone vomits; see also “protein spill”

CP– College Program (participant); what I was!

CP Housing– The locations that Disney provided for living; included were Chatham Square, The Commons, Patterson Court, and Vista Way

DAK– Or just AK; short for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, one of the four parks at Walt Disney World

DCP– Disney College Program, duh!

Disney Bounding– Dressing up as characters from movies or shows, but not in costume; using every day clothes to achieve the look or making your own clothes (ex: a skirt made from material that has a nautical theme for Ariel)

East Gate/West Gate– Break rooms at the TTC; East gate held the manager’s offices while West gate held the locker rooms and main break room

E-Stop– The emergency stop button that will stop and shut down the tram immediately in case of fire, accident, or other emergency

Exit– The time of night when the most guests are leaving the Magic Kingdom and coming back out to the parking lot; usually lasts 2-2.5 hours

FOF– Festival of Fantasy parade; occurs daily at 3 pm

Four Keys Card– A sign of recognition that can be given by fellow cast members or managers; usually given for outstanding work

Heroes side– Half of the Magic Kingdom parking lot; composed of Woody, Aladdin, Peter Pan, Simba, Mulan, and Rapunzel; rows numbered in the 100’s and 200’s

Hollywood– No, we’re not talking about California; short for Hollywood Studios(formerly known as MGM Studios), one of the four parks at Walt Disney World

Load zone– Where the trams would drop off and pick up guests as they were leaving or entering the park

Main Gate– The pass that all employees receive that allow you to enter into any of the four main parks for free (yay!)

MiSi– Short for the Move It! Shake It! Dance and Play it! dance party on Main Street, occurring three times daily

MK– Magic Kingdom; see also just “Magic”

Parking 30/30 By– When calling on the radio to ask for a coordinator, you would use this code; ex: “Parking 30 from Heroes tram.” “30 By…” “Where were we parking at 10:30 this morning?”

TTC– Short for the Ticket and Transportation Center, home of trams and parking lots

Villain’s side– Half of the Magic Kingdom parking lot; composed of Jafar, Zurg, Scar, Captain Hook, Ursula, and Cruella; rows numbered in the 300’s and 400’s

Wishes– The fireworks show that occurs nightly at the Magic Kingdom at 10 pm

More will come as I think of them; keep an eye out for updates!

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