Effie’s First Wishes

When I began my Disney Program, I had hopes and dreams of blogging weekly and taking hundreds of pictures and creating this live journal of my experience. In typical “me” fashion, that soon became a handful of half-started posts which then dwindled to radio silence well into the months after I returned home. *insert shruggie … [Read more…]

How Far I’ll Go

I am a girl who loves her island, and the girl who loves the sea…it calls me! I recently saw Moana in theaters (yes, yes, I know it’s been out since Thanksgiving. Whatever) and I pretty much cried the entire time. Now, as of late, I’ve been pretty emotional about just about everything, but this … [Read more…]

Need to Know Words and Phrases

If you’re going to talk Disney, then you have to know the lingo. This here is your cheat-sheet and go-to guide for understanding what in the world all of these Disney fanatics are yammering on about (including myself). Not only will it be helpful for you, but for me as well- now I won’t have … [Read more…]

A Typical Night at the TTC

~Warning: Long Post Ahead!~ The TTC: my home and occasionally my own personal Hell (just kidding). For those of you who don’t know, TTC stands for Ticket and Transportation Center and it’s pretty much the first thing anyone sees when they arrive at Disney World, assuming that you drove your car of course. It’s composed … [Read more…]


Nearly two months ago (it does seem longer than that) I found out that I would not be returning to Disney as part of the Spring College Program and it left a hole in my life that I couldn’t explain nor fill. I had been floating through the months since returning home, holding onto the … [Read more…]