Check-In Day!

If I could choose, I probably would have made this morning run a little bit smoother, but all in all, I’m still here.
Last night I stayed at the Pop Century resort and I’m pretty certain that the young woman who checked me in sent me on a wild goose chase. I walked for probably half of a mile with my two carry-on’s weighing heavily on my shoulders (no really, I have the bruises to prove it) around the entire complex before I reached building 9. I thought I was on the other side of the world from everything. This morning however, it took me all of 3 minutes to get back to the central lobby. Easiest route my ass. Anyway, once checked in I pretty much crashed, but I did not sleep well. I was expecting my bags to be delivered all night(which they were not), so I woke about once every couple hours worried that I would miss the knock at the door. Then this morning comes around and I have next to no luggage to shower or dress with. This also meant no deodorant and no toothbrush for the better part of my day, what a first impression right?
After finally collecting my baggage I was mistakenly delivered to the back parking lot where I impatiently awaited a bus that was supposed to take me where I needed to be for check-in. At this point I was running behind due to a misread of my schedule, but luckily for me, some rules were bent and the bus delivered me to my stop (but not before I sat among Disney Cast Members with my bags stuffed to the brim on what was clearly not my appropriate mode of transportation).
Once I arrived at Vista Way Pavilion, I had to carry all six of my bags for roughly another half mile or so to the Welcome Center. At this point I was flustered, half an hour late, and very tired. It took me several stops and many deep breaths so that I didn’t completely meltdown at 9am. I was finally able to dump that God-forsaken luggage and proceed to check-in where I received my job placement (Parking Ops at Magic Kingdom), my housing ID (don’t ask), and my new apartment (Vista Way). Following check-in, I went to Casting where I was finger printed and briefed on training, and then we were on our own.
I took the opportunity to move in to my new room and rest a little before completing my drug and alcohol testing. I met my roommate and was able to unpack most of my belongings and as I write, I am sitting on a bench awaiting my bus to Walmart because this girl needs food.
This day certainly had its downs, but it has had its ups as well! I have arrived safely and am fairly optimistic. Tomorrow is a new day to explore and settle in. I have a housing welcome session and on Saturday I get to participate in Traditions and become an official cast member (with a nametag and everything)! For now, I’m off to get some Doritos and a nice mug for tea 🙂

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